Sara Kas Photoshoot

Sara was ready to take her online business to the next level. With a new course soon to be released & promoted, coupled with her top notch skills & experience as an Instagram Strategist – Sara was getting ready to launch BUT she knew there was one thing missing… personal brand photos!

In addition, Sara’s business had gone through growth and her personal brand had matured, so it was important that the photos help support her latest personal brand image and promote brand awareness.

Personal brand photos create better first impressions, stronger engagement and higher conversions

Personal Brand photos supports changes in brand and promotes brand awareness

Final images supported the 8 week course launch which highly impacted Sara’s business results for that period. She also felt that her  authority as a highly desired Instagram specialist had grown over this time. Overall impact brought higher conversions and  a stronger brand presence to her audience.

As well as the course launch, photos were used across all social platforms to elevate Sara’s personal brand. By replacing outdated photos we were able to align with Sara’s matured personal brand which brought better alignment and attracted more of her ideal clients.

Personal Brand photos support course launches to highly impacted business results and your authority in your industry

creating a stronger personal brand, building brand awareness & driving business results

Real world example of final image being used for a sales page and Instagram Story to promote one of Sara’s latest offers.


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