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Personal Brand Photoshoot

Capture your unique personality & passion for what you do.

Personal Brand Photography is relatively new with the growth of the internet and entrepreneurship being more accessible. It’s made it more possible for anyone to reach an audience online.

Personal Brand Photography is a key element to reach out to an audience online. It incorporates many different styles of photography depending on the project (editorial, commercial, documentary, candid, portrait, headshots, and lifestyle.)

To benefit from a personal brand photoshoot it needs to include details of your personality and your business. Knowing your brand and what it is you wish to share with your audience is a critic step to creating the best personal brand images.

With this in mind, you being in front of a camera is only a part of the overall steps we take in a personal brand photoshoot.

Every photoshoot is unique to you, your personality and your brand!

Grow your business and brand with a personal brand photoshoot.

Even when you’re not communicating, you are communicating.

Photos can be instrumental in creating a successful business.
By creating well composed professional looking images you are communicating a strong presence and strength to what you do and the services you provide.

It’s important to me to make you feel as comfortable and empowered as possible to achieve these images. We do this by developing a trusted relationship and guide your through you through the personal brand photography process whether you have had many photoshoot before or if this is your first photoshoot ever. In addition, we use stories & movement based techniques to keep images fresh & allow your authentic personality shine.

I believe a successful personal brand photoshoot starts with knowing your brand, business and what it is you wish to achieve from your brand photoshoot. Take this simple questionnaire below to start your journey with us.

If you're ready to take the next step, please fill out the questionnaire.

What People say

Signature Half Day

$950 USD

Signature FULL Day

$1650 USD

Signature + Website

$5,450 USD

Frequently Asked questions

Creative session discussions vary from person to person.It depend on how ready and knowledgable you are about your brand, and goals. As a guide we discuss things like:

  • your current personal brand 
  • your objectives for the shoot and what the images are for
  • inspiration & mood board
  • the look & feel 
  • props & additional services
  • locations and the idea spots for your images
  • playlist of final images 
  • answer any questions to help us get clear about your photoshoot

There is no limit! We can shoot as many as we can fit in during our time together. We do however need to be careful we don’t dilute too much of the time with getting ready with a different outfit.

As a rule of thumb 2-3 outfits per hour and also remember you can do small changes within these outfits, like adding a jacket or a scarf.

Once we have discussed your brand in the creative session I help you to make the best decision. In most cases, if a property is required to capture the brand then it’s done by reviewing online property and choosing the best one that meets the photoshoot requirements.

I discuss this with you in the creative session so you can make the best decision for you and your brand and the goals you want to reach. However, the short answer is yes you should have your hair and makeup done so you can present yourself as your best version. You brand gives you the ability to life a personalised lifestyle which I think is really important. Much like your wedding day is important and you’d look your best, the same goes for your photoshoot day and looking your best. In some cases, after discussion clients are confident with doing their own hair and makeup so this is what they choose to do. For me the photoshoot day is an experience to enjoy and be looked after to some degree so I think having your hair and makeup done for you helps to create this day as an enjoyable one and in turn brings out the best images of yourself.

It takes up to 14 days to review and edit your final images. It may be sooner but it does depend on how many photoshoot’s I have on during this period.

Book an Initial catchup

Initial catchup is for those people that have questions and would rather do a face to face chat. I'm a big believer in creating a connection with all my photography clients so this is a great way to get to know each other quickly. Of course you can simply contact me with the chat feature (bottom right) or the contact page.