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Born in New Zealand, spend time living in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. I now live in Bali, Indonesia. I travel to Australia often.

My goal is to show the power of images with the ease of a well prepared photoshoot. My desire in the images produce is to reveal the strength and realness of people, as well as, the benefit and results an investment in professional brand photos can have on your business. I focus on non-models and work with everyday entrepreneurs to highlight their personal brand and story. I look for a sense of inner-realness and lifestyle in my work and I make people look great! I’m based in Bali, Indonesia but travel for projects around the globe. 

fb: www.facebook.com/dereksimpsonphotography instagram: @dereksimpsonphoto whatsapp: +62 (0) 819 330 58276

I work with my clients to create a worry-free, rich-experience and decisive personal branding photoshoot. We plan, review and identify the best ways to present your personal brand so that on the day of the shoot we can relax, get creative and promote a realness in the images we produce of you for your business!







I’ve worked with Derek twice now, and absolutely love his energy and passion for his work. I’d consider myself a prettyyy awkward person when it comes to having my picture taken, but he somehow captured me perfectly. It started pouring rain a few minutes into our session, and he was SUCH a champion about it – willingly sprawled across the wet grass and under the open, rainy sky to capture the perfect images. He is an absolute professional and a gem. Jessica Hill

Intuitive Mindset & Life Coach

I have done multiple photoshoots with Derek and I am so grateful for his amazing work! He took some beautiful photos for me that have represented my business in Forbes and Business Insider, and are being used to launch new programs and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for my business. Not only does he know how to take beautiful photos that convert into new business for me, he is an absolute delight to work with. So kind, funny, and thoughtful. He goes out of his way to get to know you and make you feel comfortable. Derek is a champion. Sabrina Philipp

Online Business Coach

Derek is an incredible photographer! I absolutely loved working with him for my personal branding shoot. From the moment I made an inquiry, to getting the final photos (which are amazing!) I felt fully supported by Derek. He truly cares about understanding what you want and delivering on that, and I was blown away by his level of care and attention. I am over the moon about my photos and can’t recommend Derek highly enough! Hayley Tapper

Success Mindset Coach


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Please fill out the form if you’d like to get in contact with me to book a photoshoot or to ask me about your visual communication and taking it to the next level. Look forward to your message.


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